Company philosophy

Stahl-Becker, that is customer retention due to flexibility and
reliability as well as growth through performance

Customer loyalty due to flexibility and reliability

Based on our more than 80 years of experience in the steel trading business we continuously work on improving the services of our company and aim at adapting to your needs. This flexibility is appreciated by many of our customers in the automotive industry and elsewhere and it is vital in building a trusted, long-term business relation.

Our reliability not only applies to the delivery dates we also provide uncompromising product quality and accurate services that you can count on.

Growth through performance

We want to grow by our capabilities for performance. This refers to the product offer and services, as well as the expansion in new markets and customer segments.

We listen to our customers: If you as a customer have requests or suggestions how we could improve to better fit your demand, please contact us - we are always open for your suggestions!