Flat spring steel with a thickness of more than 3 mm

Those products are flat spring steel with a thickness of more than 3 mm:

Spring bar steel (hot rolled)
Material Code 56Si7 (previous: 55Si7)
Properties hot rolled (covered in scale)
standard tensile strengths 900-1100 N/mm²
Dimensions 4 x 20 mm to 20 x 150 mm
Form flat bars of a length of 5-6 m
tool steel (low alloyed) - 75Cr1
Material 75Cr1
Properties Similar to C75S +QT und +LC
Hardening grades:

1. Hot rolled, annealed (+AC)
Thickness: 1,80-8,30 mm
Width: 310-2010 mm
Length: 895-2080 mm

This version can be offered as "afterwards hardened", too.

2. Cold rolled, bright hardened and tempered (75Cr1+QT)
Thickness: 1-4,2 mm
Width: 210-710 mm
Length: max. 2500 mm
Available are two different Hardnesses:
42-44 HRC and 48-50 HRC

Conversion of hardness into tensile strength


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