With regard to the current sanctions situation, we hereby confirm that the companies of the Sietzy Group, i.e. Allmeson GmbH, Metallwarenfabrik Hirsch and Stahl-Becker GmbH, apply and implement the respectively valid sanctions regulations.

This also includes the requirement of the 11th sanctions package published in the Official Journal L 159I of the EU dated 23.06.2023, according to which the import and also the domestic purchase of certain steel products from third countries, which has been processed using steel originating in Russia, is prohibited as of 30.09.2023. Regarding steel products imported before this date, paragraph 3 of the Commission's FAQ clarifies that the ban does not affect goods that have already been imported and released for free circulation in the EU at the time of the entry into force of this ban.

We can assure you that we are handling the issue of Russia and Belarus sanctions with the utmost care and have taken the necessary measures to comply with the relevant requirements.

Kind regards

Sietzy Gruppe GmbH